Class Descriptions


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“We have never been fitter or stronger in our lives, great classes, we keep coming back and the kids are loving the family sessions.”  Cathryn, Pete, Ruby and Finn, Brunswick.


All fitness levels are welcome.

All classes* work on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Core conditioning is central to every class. Every participant will learn the correct technique for TA/Deep Core location, engagement and strengthening.

Remember, your personal intensity level will be different to others, do not compete with anyone other than yourself. If you need either a more challenging or less challenging exercise, just call out. I love to tailor exercises so everyone can participate – ask for my help.

Classes are short in duration, that suits us and it suits the kids!

*except Form, Function, Flexibility this session works at a slower pace than other classes, however, it is develops strength and mobility by challenging our movement patterns.

Cardio COREsistance (30mins) Fridays 9.30am

Raise your heart rate & strengthen your core with a fast pace, core focused, body weight training workout. Bring a water bottle, mat and towel.

Form, Function, Flexibility (30mins) Wednesdays 9.30am

Using our bodies for resistance and some simple equipment we focus on restoring & positive posture, core integrity, strength and mobility.  Opportunities exist for advanced participants to work at a higher intensity.  A Great way to fight the problems caused by sitting, computers and phones. Bring a water bottle and towel.

Core Strength Express Small Group PT  Tuesdays (30mins) 

A maximum of four clients per class, therefore a high degree of personal attention. A fast paced, core focused, total body workout to develop strength, balance, power and burn fat.

This class is only available for Term Bookings, No Casuals

Boxing HIIT-ing (40mins) Mondays & Tuesdays

Safe boxing technique taught, drills, core conditioning, body weight exercises, HIIT – mixes up periods of high intensity and active recovery exercises.

Upon request, (24hrs notice required) I provide mats, boxing gloves, mits, & jump ropes.   Many participants feel more comfortable bringing their own. I  recommend wearing hand wraps for wrist & hand support. Wraps/cotton inner gloves must be used with my gloves etc. Hand sanitizer provided.  Bring a water bottle & towel.

Stronger Core Boxing  (30mins) Thursdays 2.30pm

Just before you pick up the kids from school this is a boxing based blast to get the hearts racing and the core tightening!

Strength Challenge Small Group PT Thursdays 6.20am (40mins)

Maximum of four clients.  A highly tailored skills & strength progression. Group warm up, mobility and core skills are followed by a individual programs using a range of resistance equipment and body weight exercises.  Each week, clients are coached in their own take-away strength challenge to be completed at home.

This class is only available for Term Bookings, No Casuals

Monkey Family (30mins)

 The ORIGINAL Monkey Workout for the whole family! Creative, active games, low skill level, minimal equipment, gets everyone puffing, panting, jumping, stretching, bending & laughing.   Monkey See, Monkey Do! Role modelling at it’s best.  Bring a water bottle and towel.

Staying for the Sunday Express Circuit? Please bring a fruit/vegetable snack for your kids, they will be hungry. Please, no nuts, dairy or eggs, we have some kids with severe food allergies.

Express Core Circuit (20mins)

 An express HIIT session, go hard, earn your Sunday brunch!  A non-stop, energy burning, core centred, intense circuit.  Bring a water bottle and towel.

Strengthen (30mins)

Another Small Group Personal Training Session using a variety of resistance equipment incl. bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, swiss balls and of course your own body weight. This class aims to build balanced strength with a focus on common areas of postural weakness. We set goals and meet them. Bring a water bottle & towel.


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“I always had  reasons (okay, maybe excuses) not to exercise, more often my excuses were the kids! Now I train two classes and a PT each week, the kids come along and we all do Monkey Family.  I think it is called practicing what you preach…guess what, it works!” Suzi 46yrs, Brunswick West