Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

  • A higher level of accountability & consistency
  • For that extra push
  • Specialist help for specific goals, weight loss/maintenance, preparing for an event, rehab or injury prevention, posture, pain reduction
  • Group Fitness Classes, do not fit your schedule
  • Feeling uncomfortable in big group fitness
  • Specialist skills to set challenging & achievable goals
  • Attention to detail
  • Never the same workout twice
  • A trainer who loves seeing her clients get what they want


Why Small Group Personal Training? All of the above with and…

  • The fun & support you gain from training with friends
  • An additional level of accountability from committing to yourself & your mates
  • Greater affordability

Personal Training Rates

Personal Training Rates (30mins)  Some clients with particular needs, may require longer sessions
Single 10 Pack (-5%)
1:1 $37 $351.50
Small Group PT
Single 10 Pack (-5%)
2:1 $32 pp


3:1 $26pp $247pp
4:1 $24pp $228pp